Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hold On, Hold On

My "day of rest" comes on a Tuesday this week and still involves five hours of work. Thankfully, it also involves tea, my first trip to my new library (yep, owning being a nerd), and some therapeutic house cleaning.

Last week was one of 15 hour design sprees and frantic jogs across town (construction on main highways really screws with convenience). I had four deadlines in one day, and then had to teach my weekly yoga class. There's been an amazing feeling of motivation and creativity through it all and I'm so, so thankful. It's nice to have freedom and excitement - two things that previous (in-house) jobs have been lacking. I'm also fortunate to be working with some really amazing people, and that makes all the difference in the world.

I've joined an amazing group of people at Cement Marketing and I couldn't be more excited! I've also been working with the ladies at Hot Head Salon, and they've been really great. I'm doing a photo shoot with the salon tomorrow and meeting a potential new client on Thursday. Things are really starting to pick up and I'm loving it.

The past two weekends have been big event weekends here in Columbus. We had Pride Weekend and then Comfest Weekend. If you enjoy people watching, patchouli, some good local music, topless women (Comfest = the boobs that no one wants to see) and a slew of possibly illegal activities, Columbus was the place to be. My friend and took in the sights and smells (some regrettably) and caught some great new bands in the process. On the second night, we had the misfortune of walking right into the scene of a stabbing. The guy was still laying there. He died that night, and the death has been ruled accidental. I have now seen two stabbings in my life, which is pretty weird. Despite the tragedy, Comfest was a huge success this year, drew in a huge crowd, and showed once again just how much Columbus has to offer.

This week is my "recovery week". I turned in the keys to my old apartment yesterday, and that felt really good. I'm hanging curtains and pictures this week, making this little home all mine. Cleaning helped me sort out my life, and I'm making some changes that will hopefully allow me to focus more and move in new directions. Hopefully, exciting things are ahead!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Put some pants on that pride

I should be getting ready to go see a play tonight, but I think a walk and a movie are going to replace the live performance. A nap and Pree convinced me to simply relax tonight.

Where to start? The internship has been interesting. There are currently four of us (Boss: "Oh, look, my intern army.") and he's kept us busy. It's such an interesting role to be filling. We had to prepare for two coinciding events last night. At one point, another girl and I were scrubbing the floors with sponges - in heels. Let me just throw it in here that it's almost 90 degrees and somewhere near 95% humidity. Being sweaty is one thing. Being sweaty while while dressed up is another. And, you can imagine the hair situation...

The first event was a Pride event and the place was a little crazy because aside from 300 guests, the Governor and Mayor were both supposed to attend. As that was picking up we headed out and picked up 18 pizzas and pop for a speaking event (again, hot, humid, heels). The two events could not be more opposite. One had gay men dressed in their finest and the other had highwaters galore and was possibly one of the most socially awkward events I've been to. The evening consisted of us attempting to maintain composure, and we totally failed a few times. At one point, another intern and I were the only two people in a hallway. I turned and said, "This has been the weirdest night" and agreed. She hadn't even finished nodding her head when a woman walked across the hall behind us wearing a green, glowing headband and said highwaters. Composure - lost.

It's Pride week in Columbus and you can tell as soon as you get within a mile of the Short North. I went to the Pride Parade for the first time today and saw a lot. As in, a lot of men in underwear, and feathers, and wigs. For the record, no man should wear a Speedo, thong, or anything resembling either of these. I saw a drag queen hold up traffic because her hair was too tall and she literally couldn't fit into the car picking her up. I saw another drag queen riding around in a motorized wheelchair wearing a silver gown and tiara. The make-up was literally melting off their faces, making it even more interesting. There were stretch limos with guys in tighty whiteys hanging out the windows (or dancing on top, whatever), lots of exposed stomachs that shouldn't have been exposed, and men who had better legs than I will ever even dream of. You can imagine. I'll leave my list of "what I saw today" at that, and trust me, it's better that way. Oh, and, it is legal to go topless in Columbus.

So, tonight will consist of a quiet walk to the grocery store, followed by a quiet movie night. I bought a new pair of TOMS shoes and can't wait to design them! There is a ton of exciting news to share, but that, my friends, will have to wait until next time...

Monday, June 8, 2009

The squares are all full

I can't believe it's as late as it is, but alas, I am typing by the light of the keyboard now. The past week has been insane. Some highlights:

I have no stove. Even "fixed" the thing was filling my apartment with the smell of gas so I shut it off. So far, I haven't even been home long enough to call my landlord. Despite this small issue, I am madly in love with my apartment. My friend came over Friday night and we walked around my new neighborhood. Ah, love. Unfortunately, my neighbors decided to have a party the first time my parents came to see my place. We pull in and I hear the music/see the yard complete with red cups and corn hole and know that this is unfortunate. The highlight was when my mom walked out of the bathroom and said, "Um, I think someone just threw up outside of your bathroom."

I've seen two shows since my last post. On Thursday I saw (Jukebox the ghost, Jenny Owen Youngs) Appleseed Cast, and last night I saw (U.S. Royalty, The Subjects) White Rabbits. I was impressed with both Jenny Owen Youngs and U.S. Royalty, who put on great opening acts. Both leading bands were great, too. I've decided to cross over and wear ear plugs to shows from now on. The shows actually sound a lot better and quite frankly, I've only seen a few shows that were worth actual hearing loss.

I'm meeting so many new people (or people I only know online) and it's great. I have more respect for a certain Mr. Yost than almost anyone in the world due to an incident involving two strangers, a shopping cart, and 1:00 a.m. on High Street. I had some Jeni's ice cream with a Mr. Billet, followed by the coolness of Tigertree and the vintage quirkiness of Flower Child. I then dropped him off at the wrong hotel, where he unknowingly walked into a Haunting Gathering. Sorry about that...

My childhood best friend got married this weekend, so my family and I made the trek to the wedding. We left at 10 a.m. and got back at 9:30 p.m, so it was a long day (mostly spent in my car). I'm so happy I got to go and share that with my friend and her family. We've gone our separate ways, and that's life, but we still grew up together and will always have that. It was a beautiful wedding, and it meant so much to just be there.

The new internship is well under way and I'm loving it! The guy I'm working with is crazybusy and so fun. I have a whole list of events lined up already this month, and we've already started working on launching a new company. We're going to be learning how to do both video (we get to shadow a crew doing a North Market video!) and podcasting soon. I'm so, so happy this worked out! I also busted out my barista skillz this weekend and served drinks at a graduation party. I stood right by the t.v. where the girl's video was playing, and I never want to hear The Climb again (not that I wanted to hear it in the first place...). Everyone was really nice and I had fun making the drinks again.

And that, friends, is why my eyes have been bloodshot for a solid week, why I have no photos to post, and why my conversation skills have been at an all time low. Goal this week: rest, and then get it together. Have a great week!

Heaven is a Drag

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Get right

I'm back online after 2.5 days of internet silence. I'm in my new home (!) and loving it. It's been interesting, but I feel more at home here already than I did in the year I spent in my last place. My neighbors are amazing, and they share their dogs: Charlie, Zero, and a grouchy little dog whose name I still need to learn. I can hear church bells and a train - two of my favorite things from previous homes.

I woke up this morning and smelled gas. I figured it was either my imagination or a lingering smell from yesterday, when my landlord fixed my stove. I opened up my windows and worked on decorating for a while. A few hours later, the smell was stronger and I was starting to feel a little nauseous. I called the gas company and the guy was there in less than 10 minutes. By this time, I was sitting on my porch. He checked my whole apartment and his meter went off as soon as he got close to my stove. Apparently, the pilot lights had gone out, so my stove was just pumping gas into my apartment. The cable guy and my landlord showed up at almost the same time. I opened all of my doors, let them do their things, and I cut out stuff in my living room. Two hours later, everything is in working order and I'm connected to the world again.

Tomorrow, a certain Mr. Billet is visiting from Virginia and we are going to have quite the time. I hope he's ready for it. So far, his visit includes Appleseed Cast, maybe a gallery hop, a wedding, and whatever else we stumble into. If his visit is anything like our conversations, watch out.

Pictures will be coming soon - promise. For now, I'm going to step away from this screen and do some more work. I'm so happy it's raining today. After 5 straight days of moving, I needed the break. Hope everyone is doing well!
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