Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Previous Job Title: In-House Designer, Architecture Firm
Job Description: Design and implement branding standards, design collateral and marketing materials, update existing designs, give up all weeknights and some great concerts, design things that will never be used because the owner was once married to a graphic designer and obviously knows more you than you on the subject, make logo bigger on everything, and add as many office shots as possible.

Current Job Title:
E-Commerce Designer, Casually Sexy Fashion Co.
Job Description: As one of two girls in the entire surrounding three departments, it is my responsibility to cut out clothing for the website. Other requirements include: listen to every sex joke ever, put up with a real treat of a boss (who openly hates women), attempt to attain a personal, constant level of casual sexiness, and try to look busy and stimulated.

Quite the transition has taken place. I've gone from extreme overloadstressedoutmess to zero stress and a lot of time to figure out my new surroundings. Think
Truman Show mixed with a really weird version of Disneyworld. "The Man" makes all of the decisions, and everyone rushes around to make him happy. He has his own building, and I've only seen him once. We are the players in a world that he controls: we wear the clothes he wants, listen to the music he wants, and eat the food he finds appropriate. Throughout our campus there are bonfires, sand volleyball courts and of course, scooters.

With the economy where it is, I will be here a while. I figure this a great time to study a strange, strange culture while working on my own freelance business. It isn't my dream job, but there are perks. Reality check: I may never get my dream job, and if I do, I don't want it this early in life.

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Adam Something said...

I've always liked the Truman Show, though I think there is something you should know.

"Two Montreal shrinks have diagnosed a new mental illness where sufferers are convinced their life is one, big reality TV show.

They're calling the disorder the "Truman Show Delusion," after the 1998 movie starring Jim Carrey."

In addition to that, I've found that my ideal job is one that I don't dread on Sunday night, and hate on Monday morning.

Try not to get a sexy overload.

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