Monday, May 31, 2010

Killer week

You know how some days feel like a beating? And you know how sometimes those days all gang up and attack in one week? That's exactly how this week was. Three 16-hour days, no art director, no creative director, no project manager, a copywriter that had been with our company for one day, one emotional rollercoaster that doesn't even make sense, and the biggest project I've been on thus far. Despite the severe beating, I am proud to report that this girl fought back has now re-branded her first TV station and survived.

The week was rough, but has turned into a most excellent and beautiful weekend. I had a nice long talk with my boss on Friday and then left early for a hair appointment. I had a near-perfect dinner with my favorite people (it even ended with espresso and a tiramisu-like dessert). I went kayaking with parents, followed by a delicious grilled meal and nice walk with my favorite dog in the world. Today, my sunburned self has been decidedly lazy while working on projects around my apartment. Also, it's been storming and pouring rain all day. That's all the justification I need to just stay inside.

It's been a lot more difficult to justify the hours I put in at work lately. I know that it's part of the business, and that this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance, and that I will have an awesome portfolio. I get all of that and I appreciate all of it. That said, when you don't talk to family friends for days, when you have skipped several meals, when you are going home to sleep for a few hours a night before doing it all's just not as easy to justify. My boss has assured that things are changing, and I believe him because we're already seeing the change, but some weeks I wonder just how much longer I can stay with this schedule...

I'm going to finish out my lazy evening with a movie and what sounds like another storm approaching. Happy Memorial Day, all!

*Image in honor of my city's annual zombie walk, where hundreds of people dress up like zombies and walk downtown to collect food for the hungry. I love this.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


After sitting in the same chair, working for 36 of the past 48 hours, I am realizing that I am not ok with this. This could be where things get interesting.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sighing so much more

All the windows have been thrown open, birds are in a frenzy, and my apartment is cleaner than it has been in weeks. It's been so nice to be home for a whole day and a half!

I managed to catch two shows this week: Metric and Mumford and Sons. The two couldn't be more different, but they each held their own.

I saw Metric just last year and was blown away by the energy of Emily Haines, who hopped, kicked, lunged, and rocked out the entire time. On top the energy, she was wearing a silver sequined dress that basically sealed my love of all things sparkly (you had better believe that if I ever find a dress like that, it will be mine). This week's show was still great, but it had a completely different energy than the last time I saw them. Quite frankly, they look exhausted. The talked exhausted. They skipped the encore hoopla and played another song (more bands need to do this!) before exiting the stage. In a way, I respected them more for this. They played an acoustic version of Combat Baby that, to me, fit the night more than anything they did.

(*Side note: I totally watched them make a Starbucks run at the place right outside my window the next morning. "Oh, look, isn't that Emily Haines...")

Last night's sold out Mumford and Sons show was unique before it even started. People were offering $200 on Craigslist as far back as two weeks ago - and no one was selling. Last night, I had to walk through a desperate crowd, begging to pay me whatever I asked for my ticket. I'm so glad I didn't sell out. The four boys from the U.K. put one a show that easily makes my top 3 of all time. The openers, The Middle East, put on a great opening act and then joined Mumford later in an 11 person hopping, whooping, banging jam session that had everyone in the crowd literally dancing and jumping along. Between songs, the guys were actually really funny and talked quite a bit. They also played two new songs that make me think that their next album is going to be just as stellar as their first. If they are playing within a few hours of you and the show isn't sold out, get a ticket!

In other news, I'm rebranding a local TV station this week. As, starting tomorrow and due to the client on Thursday. Me, the girl who gets zero channels. Our creative director left last week and more work and responsibility has fallen on my plate. Great opportunities and learning experiences are ahead. I'm starting to get a little tired from the constant work and stress, so I'm hoping to make a push through this week and then enjoy an unheard of four (four!) whole days to use as I please. Just. One. More. Week.

Hope it's as sunny there as it is here. Enjoy your Sunday!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Let's Do This

Ohmygoodness Ohmygoodness. I am going to see these guys tonight. At an art party. With a photo booth. And costumes. In a three-story Victorian house. Holla. Back. Now.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Trapeze swinger

Tonight, instead of going to a show at planned (Local Natives, in case you were curious), I sat at home and read the first book the Scott Pilgrim series. Every ounce of nerdgirl in me was thrilled by this. Here I am, book read and ready to fall asleep at 10:30 on a Wednesday night. It's boring. I'll take it.

Tomorrow, I am going to an event that features the city's best restaurants. This event is held in one of the coolest buildings in town and I'm really excited to check it out. The only issue: what do I wear?! And will that outfit allow to eat as much as humanly possibly and still look remotely classy?!

Friday involves an art party. Friday or Saturday. One night is a patron preview and one is an all-out art party with the artists and the city's best DJ's. We'll see how the week plays out...

I decided to take one for the team and volunteered to work an event with my company on Sunday. This involves going back to the lovely hills where I grew up. I'm carpooling with a guy from work that makes me laugh nonstop and I'm taking him on a tour of the town after the event. The accents! The town! It will be a night of many stories, I'm sure.

All of these events happen and I honestly just find myself at them. I rarely aim to attend most of them. I don't have some event wardrobe (more like a closet full of clothing anxiety waiting to happen), high-profile job, or special event budget. I invite people to events, they return the favor. People think I have some glamorous life when really, I am more like the kid lost at the grocery store who wanders into the circus. I'm fortunate, and I love the experiences I am able to have, but I am most happy with my best friend, my oldest jeans, and warm tea. If anyone wants to envy any part of my life, I would think it would be wisest to envy those quiet moments.

Despite the hectic schedule, I've really been able to focus more on my friends and family lately and it's been a nice change. So I miss a few shows. Hanging out with my best friends is better. I spent some time at home over the weekend, got to see my family. I'm hoping for not only a visit to my grandma's, but maybe even a weekend trip (!) soon. Oh, I can only hope.

So much rain here. Perfect night to not. leave. my. house.

*Side note: The circus is in town and they have taken over the lot next my office. You don't even know how tempted I am to sneak in and run away with the circus for a good year. My life may not be complete until I have done this.

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Whole Wide World

Oh my. It's been almost a month since I last updated. How did that happen?

In the month that has passed, I have been working a lot and loving it all. For a company that started just over a year ago, we have gone from three original people to soon-to-be 13. I could tell you a bunch of numbers right now. How many hours I just worked in one day, or how many projects are in my task list (your jaw would hit the floor), or even how many thiswillonlytakeasecond quick projects are thrown into the mix every day. I could also tell you how many people were there late with me (most of them), how many hours they also worked, how many days we brought in breakfast for each other, how many hours our lunch was on Friday, or how many times "thank you" was spoken this week. Add the number of times we made our clients happy to that whole mix and you have a pretty good place to be.

While my concert visits have dropped significantly, I did catch Broken Social Scene. Not only did I catch a BSS show, I caught a BSS show that had a grand total of about 150 people there. Total. Sure, the acoustics were so bad that Kevin had to put his sweatshirt over his head to block out the echo. And maybe they had to signal the beat to one another because the echo was so absolutely horrible. This, my friends, is why quality earplugs are key - they block that stuff out for you. Despite the unfortunate conditions, they put on a great show, joked with the audience, joked about the conditions, and just played around. To add to the weirdness of the night, the openers were none other than Ghostface Killah and Milkman. Not even making that up.

I've been on a winning streak as of late. I got the chance to attend a hair fashion show earlier this week and that was a nice change from my usual music circuit. A lot of the show was done by students from a local beauty school, but there were still some really fun and impressive sets in there. VIP bebe. A couple of days later I won two tickets to a Pearl Jam show. I personally would rather be kicked in the head repeatedly than attend, but my best friend (who I do not judge for this) loves them and was a happy recipient of the two comp tickets. Paying it forward is the only way to go.

A lot of my time recently has been spent with the amazing friends who put up with my weird hours. One of my favorite people is about to have a baby anysecondnow - all the way overseas. She had the fantastic idea of having people over here put together a playlist for the big event. Oh how I wish I could be over there. Another good friend of mine just informed me that she will be moving here in the fall and I couldn't be happier. We were roommates at one point and she is simply a lovely person. Lollapalooza (or Pitchfork...?) is right around the bend, as is a visit to a certain friend out west. Having friends all over the country (/world) is tough, but it's always so exciting when we find ourselves in the same place!

Hopefully I will be back here before another passes us by. Have a fantastic weekend.
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