Friday, May 7, 2010

The Whole Wide World

Oh my. It's been almost a month since I last updated. How did that happen?

In the month that has passed, I have been working a lot and loving it all. For a company that started just over a year ago, we have gone from three original people to soon-to-be 13. I could tell you a bunch of numbers right now. How many hours I just worked in one day, or how many projects are in my task list (your jaw would hit the floor), or even how many thiswillonlytakeasecond quick projects are thrown into the mix every day. I could also tell you how many people were there late with me (most of them), how many hours they also worked, how many days we brought in breakfast for each other, how many hours our lunch was on Friday, or how many times "thank you" was spoken this week. Add the number of times we made our clients happy to that whole mix and you have a pretty good place to be.

While my concert visits have dropped significantly, I did catch Broken Social Scene. Not only did I catch a BSS show, I caught a BSS show that had a grand total of about 150 people there. Total. Sure, the acoustics were so bad that Kevin had to put his sweatshirt over his head to block out the echo. And maybe they had to signal the beat to one another because the echo was so absolutely horrible. This, my friends, is why quality earplugs are key - they block that stuff out for you. Despite the unfortunate conditions, they put on a great show, joked with the audience, joked about the conditions, and just played around. To add to the weirdness of the night, the openers were none other than Ghostface Killah and Milkman. Not even making that up.

I've been on a winning streak as of late. I got the chance to attend a hair fashion show earlier this week and that was a nice change from my usual music circuit. A lot of the show was done by students from a local beauty school, but there were still some really fun and impressive sets in there. VIP bebe. A couple of days later I won two tickets to a Pearl Jam show. I personally would rather be kicked in the head repeatedly than attend, but my best friend (who I do not judge for this) loves them and was a happy recipient of the two comp tickets. Paying it forward is the only way to go.

A lot of my time recently has been spent with the amazing friends who put up with my weird hours. One of my favorite people is about to have a baby anysecondnow - all the way overseas. She had the fantastic idea of having people over here put together a playlist for the big event. Oh how I wish I could be over there. Another good friend of mine just informed me that she will be moving here in the fall and I couldn't be happier. We were roommates at one point and she is simply a lovely person. Lollapalooza (or Pitchfork...?) is right around the bend, as is a visit to a certain friend out west. Having friends all over the country (/world) is tough, but it's always so exciting when we find ourselves in the same place!

Hopefully I will be back here before another passes us by. Have a fantastic weekend.

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