Monday, May 31, 2010

Killer week

You know how some days feel like a beating? And you know how sometimes those days all gang up and attack in one week? That's exactly how this week was. Three 16-hour days, no art director, no creative director, no project manager, a copywriter that had been with our company for one day, one emotional rollercoaster that doesn't even make sense, and the biggest project I've been on thus far. Despite the severe beating, I am proud to report that this girl fought back has now re-branded her first TV station and survived.

The week was rough, but has turned into a most excellent and beautiful weekend. I had a nice long talk with my boss on Friday and then left early for a hair appointment. I had a near-perfect dinner with my favorite people (it even ended with espresso and a tiramisu-like dessert). I went kayaking with parents, followed by a delicious grilled meal and nice walk with my favorite dog in the world. Today, my sunburned self has been decidedly lazy while working on projects around my apartment. Also, it's been storming and pouring rain all day. That's all the justification I need to just stay inside.

It's been a lot more difficult to justify the hours I put in at work lately. I know that it's part of the business, and that this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance, and that I will have an awesome portfolio. I get all of that and I appreciate all of it. That said, when you don't talk to family friends for days, when you have skipped several meals, when you are going home to sleep for a few hours a night before doing it all's just not as easy to justify. My boss has assured that things are changing, and I believe him because we're already seeing the change, but some weeks I wonder just how much longer I can stay with this schedule...

I'm going to finish out my lazy evening with a movie and what sounds like another storm approaching. Happy Memorial Day, all!

*Image in honor of my city's annual zombie walk, where hundreds of people dress up like zombies and walk downtown to collect food for the hungry. I love this.

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