Sunday, June 6, 2010

Observations on a very good day

:: I started a new running program and the first day was a wild success. I would rather be punched repeatedly than run, so this is saying a lot. Day 2 is either Tuesday or Wednesday, and I'm actually (gasp!) looking forward to it.

:: I woke up to yet another tornado warning (third? one this week), snuggled down into the covers, and woke up to a most beautiful and perfect day. Fluffy clouds, blue skies, sunshine, and a nice breeze. My run was followed by a drive, a walk, and some outside reading.

:: There are a few people that I see around all the time. Out of these, there are a few that I am dying to meet. Today, I can finally mark one off the list! There is a guy who has really interesting hair, clothes and, in my mind, a really interesting life. He's either brilliant or crazy or both, I think. Today, on my walk, I stopped to grab tea and he happened to be inside. He asked me about my hair and I almost felt honored. Then, we had a whole conversation about my hair color (it's black, purple and red) and how he liked it because it was both subtle and unique. We are going to be bff's before you know it.

:: I am noticing that people downtown very rarely go over to apartments and homes to socialize. If that happens, it's usually a big deal or for a big event. This makes me kind of sad. We all go out to eat, or grab coffee, or grab tea or whatever when we probably don't even want the food/drink. I feel like a lot is lost when people stop sharing homes. There is a certain comfort, safety and belonging that is unique and slowly fading. I believe I see a new goal ahead.

:: I'm trying to refocus on finding a balance that has been missing for a while. So far, this has involved more time with friends, more time with books, saying no to more events, calling my grandmas on the phone, reconnecting with my friends that are many miles away, and painting my nails once a week (and taking my nice long time to do so!). I recommend all of these things.

:: Life is short and a lot more simple than we allow it to be on a daily basis.

*Photo by the amazing Jess Gough. Check her out!

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