Monday, June 14, 2010

Where'd you get your name from

Sometimes, remembering where you came from means making a trip back. Such was the case this weekend as I drove to visit one of my favorite people. There is just no place like a grandparents' home. I love hearing my grandma's stories about how she grew up, met my grandpa, became an army wife, and raised four kids. Her life is so interesting and so different from the life I find myself in, and I think that's why I appreciate it so much. She comes from another world that I have the utmost respect for.

I'm starting on my summer road trips and couldn't be more happy. The open road, my new little car, and my favorite people on the other side of those miles. I'm hoping to take a day off and travel to one of my favorite little places down south soon. Chicago in all its glory is coming up and I am counting down the days for that trip. Hopefully this year involves significantly less stress than last year.

In other news, I am currently black and blue over various parts of my body. I love it. I joined a local Fight Club and I'm taking the fundamentals class. It's a contact class, and since they know me and know I can take the hits, they are a little more comfortable actually hitting me. My ice pack is getting a lot more attention, and I am able to walk into work wearing my bruises ever so proudly. On a funny side note, this class served as a couple of date nights. Nothing like punching each other to really set the mood. Now, if only my running schedule could go as well as these classes...

And on that note, the morning is coming up and bringing an early make-up run with it. Have a fantastic week!

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