Thursday, January 22, 2009

I've done this before, so let's just sign the papers mister

You know that scene in some movies, where people are running away from something, and as they're running, they are picked off one by one? That's kind of what work was like for the past week.

I got the bullet.

I think I'm more angry that I had to walk all the way across campus than I am about being let go, even. If you're going to lay someone off, at least walk over to them. They were nice. I'd been through this before. You sign a few papers saying you agree to be laid off and that you won't walk off with a computer, and they act really sad the whole time. Afterwards, I went back to pack up my stuff. It's always the same, too. You feel awkward, and try to make it less awkward, but it just is an awkward situation. Everyone says sorry, it's been nice, goodbye, and then you're walking to your car at 2:00 on a Thursday. Door closed.

I can't say that I'm sad, really. It was never the right fit and I knew that. The first time I was laid off (age 22, publishing co.), I got to a pretty low point. It took me five months to find another design job. As tough as that was (20 interviews, not enough experience), I realize how strong it made me. I'm ready this time, and I refuse to be that person again. I'm visiting my Grandma next week and I couldn't be happier. I'm going to spend time with my family, and maybe even work in some volunteer time.  I'm also (finally!yay!) going to get my yoga license and hopefully start teaching classes soon. I'm actually really excited about what's ahead, and no corporate desk job has made me feel alive, ever.

Tonight, though, I am taking a bubble bath and getting lots and lots of much needed sleep! Let the vacation begin.

*The due date for the first Caged Creatives project has changed. Projects are now due Friday, January 30. Thanks, and have fun!*


ktvaleska said...

Yesterday was a travesty... I can't believe they made you walk all the way across campus! I think your head's in the right place about this whole thing, though, and honestly, your plans for the future sound really nice! Let's definitely stay in touch, and keep up with Caged Creatives (eventually... haha) and maybe we can grab some coffee or tea sometime soon! Enjoy your time with your family :)

Dan S. said...

well there is always the offer of coming to live up north, work in some crappy job, and be our nanny. the pay isn't great but the benefits of giggles and smiles are very nice.

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