Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Nothing to Worry About

I fell asleep on the couch last night and slept better than I have in weeks. Slept/died, I think. I ended up getting a much needed nine hours. I should have felt amazing, but ended up feeling rushed. I get a little annoyed if the sun is up when I get up because I feel like I've missed some of the best hours of the day.

I had a roommate once who had the most interesting resume I had ever heard of. One summer she tested dish washing soap for a national company. She would read until they called her in, and then she washed dishes with eight different methods using the same soap. She said that she read close to 30 books that summer. The next summer, she was the hostess for a year-round haunted house. She would wear this black dress and lead people on tours through the house using a British accent (which she did impeccably well). Right now she is teaching in Indonesia, sometimes being followed because she apparently looks just like a celebrity over there.

I can't compete with any of those things, but I can say that my next job could be interesting. I'm applying for different things right now and really trying to stay open-minded. I have my whole life to work somewhere solely for the money. Right now, I want a job that I enjoy and/or that allows me to do what I love. It will be interesting to see where I end up. There are some really cool things happening in the yoga department, so some news might be on the way. I love big changes, even bad ones in retrospect, because they usually change things that really needed to change anyway. It's always so interesting to look back and see how it all played out.

There's a new posting over at Caged Creatives - check it out, have fun!

This isn't the official video (worth watching and no, I don't get it either), but this song has helped me through the day. Enjoy!


Dan S. said...

yes i love that song!!!

what i love about big change is that there is no going back. with little change we have the possibility of going right back to how things were. big change is here to stay, whether it be for the good or the bad.

Martha said...

Big (even bad) changes ARE great! Mmm, I love the fear and not knowing and feet dragging that happens just before a whopper of a change and then the "ok, I did it and now I just have to face it" feeling afterwards. But I am kind of driven by adversity, so I tend to jump straight into things I know I won't like so that I can laugh at the puny, scared version of me who said I'd never do it. Just before we moved to Phoenix I found this quote from Bill Cosby that says "You have to want it more than you fear it." and it changed me. Talk about a mantra...

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