Friday, July 10, 2009

But really, that's how it happened

To sum up the last few days:

E.E.: "I think they might actually be really horrible people." (and she's right)

Me: "Sometimes, I look around and wonder what happened in my life to get me here. Like right now."
E.E.: "So this one time, I ended up in a tickle fetish club in New York City. That was one of those times."

J: "The Wizard of Oz fan club."
- Response after I sent my friend my client's logo, asked him if he knew any more websites that might help me figure out a style to go with it.)

"Dude, you were bad *** in there. High five."
- My tattooed rockstar friend, to a stunned 8 year old girl. She was pretty awesome, for the record.

J: Have you ever listened to suburban white kids with Biblical names?
Me: Who would be in that category?
J: No, that is the band name.

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