Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jumping through a hundred hoops

Having slept right through my alarm I am now enjoying warm tea (Black Rose Congou) on yet another cloudy morning. Today will include at least one nap with my dog, a trip to see my friends and their new baby, and some family time.

This has been the week to survive. I finished up an exciting project for a great client, made progress on another job, and got the green light on a new project. I interviewed for a freelance/part time gig with a design firm right in the middle of the Short North. I also signed on to teach one yoga class a week with a local non-profit group. Because of all of this, I've decided to step away from the internship I've been a part of all summer. Things keep getting busier, which is good, but it means that other things have to go.

When I wasn't staying up until the quiet hours of the morning with the Mac, I was meeting up with friends. This included:

:: two going away parties. One involved a late night on a patio and the other had me sitting with fight club guys (not even kidding) in the middle of a busy breakfast place downtown. Utah and Liverpool, you will see me soon. Excited for my friends' new adventures, but oh-so-sad to see them go.

:: a day date with the charming Mr. Clark, in from Japan. We hit up every hot spot on High Street and ate at all of the best places. He brought me chopsticks (from that time that he taught in Japan)(song lyric shoutout) that are adorable. Did you know that they made little kid chopsticks? Because they do, and they're almost *too* cute. Good to see that boy again.

:: grabbing some of the best pizza in town with two of my favorite ladies. We had been craving pizza for weeks and I can proudly say that we put away a large.

:: catching up with someone great via a walk around my new 'hood. This friend works in a funeral home and brought me "housewarming gifts, kinda". They included a pen from her funeral home that looks like a shot. It freaks me out more than I can even say.

:: Harry Potter, which was pretty good. I loved the way it was shot, and seriously, Helena Bonham Carter is amazing. I really liked the use of smoke in this movie, and thought it was more polished/mature in general. And wish I could find a neighborhood like Diagon Alley.

:: my last Crew Game with my good friends. He's on the coaching staff and they were finally able to announce that they were leaving for Liverpool to join Everton. The team won, and there were more hugs last night than I've seen in a while. Bittersweet.

So, I'm exhausted and looking forward to relaxing with my family (and my dog!). It's possible that some very exciting things will happen this week. I will, of course, share when they do. Have a great week!

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