Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ready or not

It's late and I should not be typing. I always leave out (more) words when I write late and it never ends well. Feel free to abandon this post now.

I'm leaving tomorrow for Chicago and Lollapalooza. My bags are not packed, my bed is not made, my car has not been cleaned, and I have no idea what I will wear. I did, however, manage to: have some minor repairs done to my car, arrange my health insurance, set up house sitters, interview for a job, work on a freelance project, make a much-needed Target run, and get some road-worthy music lined up. Oh yeah, and I got an iPhone (!).

It's been a busy week, and I think I need this trip more now than I did even a few days ago. My perspective has changed this week (and from more the iPhone, thank you). I learned to say "no", a lot. To reconsider. To be (even more) careful. I learned how to deal with difficult people, and that I need to appreciate the really rare and good people around me more. Always more. I feel a sense of calm in the midst of knowing that I have very little control over what happens next. I will be ready again, come Monday, for the next step/hop/jump/dive.

So, friends, you can catch my live-from-Lolla updates on Twitter, and rest assured, there will be plenty of photos here soon. Cheers!

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