Thursday, August 20, 2009

So we left and started a garage band

I interrupt your regularly scheduled programming (my Chicago tale of disaster) to discuss my latest music obsession. I've been reading music blogs and felt the need to share my own latest find.

I was able to catch a Metric show on Tuesday and walked away feeling the need to revive my teenage "I wanna be a rockstar" dreams. The show was really fun thanks to Emily Haines' energy and her awesome sequined dress. She bounced, danced, and at one point, threw herself into the crowd before running in front of the stage and giving everyone high fives. The rest of the band smiled and played like they were *gasp* having fun. Twice during the set, there were pauses where Emily talked to the crowd. It wasn't the same "thanks for being a great crowd" lines, either. She talked about how excited they were to actually hear their music on the radio, her parents, and how she didn't really understand the effect of music (to paraphrase: "If we were all on the Subway right now, we'd be giving each other dirty looks."). It was nice to go to a show with actual interaction.

After being wowed by the show, I did a little research on Metric and ended up finding out more about Emily Haines. She has collaborated with, among others, Broken Social Scene (and on my favorite song!) and Stars and has two solo albums under the name Emily Haines + the Soft Skeleton. If you haven't heard her solo work or seen the (awesome) video below, be sure to check her out!


Gabriele Benefico said...

i like it!

liz said...

I love Emily Haines and I love Metric and I love the way she sounds with BSS. Her "solo" release is very good and very different from Metric. I saw her perform her Soft Skeleton stuff in SF a couple years ago and I was so incredibly impressed with her .... she is so humble and gracious - and yes, very keen on rambling about herself, the band, and the meaning of it all - which enhanced her already impeccable set even more. Check out this clip on the making of Metric's last record. I posted it awhile back, loved it:

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