Friday, October 30, 2009

Playing Dress-Up

It's 73 degrees, sunny, and Christmas decorations are going up down the street. We have our windows open today, bringing clarity to every thumping car and angry conversation on the street below us. I'm wearing five layers and still chilly, but no one had better even think about closing that window.

Last night we had a movie night over here and watched The Thing. Why had I never seen this movie?! The Skidozer 301 and Kurt Russel's feathered mane alone made it a quality night. Throw in the song Superstition and some roller skates and I'm sold!

Tomorrow I'll be rocking out a Halloween celebration downtown. The main street will be shut down and they are having a Halloween fashion show, among other things. The fun thing is that the fashion show isn't costumes, it's actual fashion designers putting together outfits that follow a theme. A pretty big crowd comes out for this, and you will be hard pressed to see a larger group of drag queens together in one place in this city all year. I should really have a costume in mind at this point, right?

On Monday, I'll be starting a two week project in a new studio. This is the kind of place I dreamed about working in. Awesome office space, great clients, a more than impressive process and portfolio. There will be a lot to learn, very quickly, but I'm excited about the opportunity and ready for a chance to really take things to a new level. Big changes ahead!

For now, I'm going to head out and enjoy this amazing weather. I'm going to drive home with the windows down, take a walk, and enjoy a relaxing Friday night. I have all day tomorrow to figure out a costume, right?

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