Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Calm before and after: Storms

A great day followed by a great night. Storms are rolling in (the sky is staying lit up by all the lightning at this point) and I am safe and comfortable in my apartment, settling in to watch it all. I was able to meet up with everyone from my now previous job as well some friends that I have known for the past few years. There's a real sense of closure to it all.

I start my new job on Tuesday morning, but between now and then I will have a roadtrip, Chicago, and Lollapalooza in all its loud, sweaty, crowded glory. I can't wait. What was concert season last year has turned into vacation season this year, and this weekend kicks it all off. All of my trips are already paid for and have been approved at the new gig, so some major traveling and relaxing are in my very near future.

Until then, what looks like a wild storm is about to close one chapter and get me ready for the next...

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