Thursday, September 16, 2010

Waiting and weightless

"Did you ever even try?"
"Oh God, yes. I prayed to be changed, to be made different"
"That's not trying, that's waiting to be stopped."

This conversation jumped out to me recently from the most unlikely of places: Dexter. After seeing articles about finding truth in television and then seeing the angry backlash when secular shows are highlighted as examples, I can't help but feel that this only backs up the argument that truth can be found in the most unlikely and sometimes unattractive places. In this case, as one serial killer talks to another before he kills him.

For the record, this isn't saying that I don't believe in prayer - I'm saying that you have to take responsibility for things. Religion isn't a magic cure for everything. It's a relationship system. Somehow, that's been amazingly skewed.

This has been a weird week. Keyword: traumatic. A suicide and bank robbery both entered the world of people I care about. I'm currently in the process of packing up to fly off for a few days, leaving all of it behind. As people continue praying here, I guess I'm just hoping that people will take those prayers a step further and follow up with an action. Send a card, seek help, talk to one another. Life is rough, we have to watch out for another.

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