Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Jumping Ship

Ah, Christmas Eve. Lights are glittering in the trees, ice is raining down from the skies, and Christmas carols are going nonstop on the radio. And I am sitting at work, in a mostly empty building, listening once again to the most horrible music known to mankind, cutting out lacy panties.

Thank goodness for this vacation. There has been some unnecessary drama in our department and I have really been pushed to the edge this week. My friend (who is totally sophisticated but knows how to speak her mind) swears that she would have actually punched a couple of people. My other friend loves hearing my stories and can't get over how weird it all is. Hey, as long I have stories, right?

They won't tell us if they are even letting us out early, so my department has decided that we are abandoning ship at noon regardless. I they want to yell at me for leaving early on Christmas Eve, they are more than welcome. The whole thing makes me pretty sad, because I feel like somewhere along the way I became "that person". You know, the one who works on Christmas Eve instead of being with her family. I am also amazed that so many companies are okay with making people work right up to the last minute on one of the biggest holidays of the year. It makes me just a little bitter and (more) anti-corporation. It also makes my next transition in my career look even better (hello grad school!).

Tonight I am driving to my parents' home, throwing myself into a dress, going out to dinner (my iron levels are saying red meat will be involved tonight - hey there, steak), and then going to a Christmas Eve service. I was really involved in the church for a few years, but haven't been back in at least six months. I'm anticipating a lot of interactions that are like, "Oh, hey, I know tons about you, but I have no idea what is going on in your life at all. Merry Christmas!". After getting back to my parents house, I plan on getting cozy in my pajamas and staying there for the next 48 hours.
Christmas Story marathon, here I come!

I will probably update more over the holidays, but for now I will wish you all a fantastic Christmas. Be safe (ice? we got it!) and enjoy the time with your friends and family. I will also leave you with amazing, amazing little gift. Just type in an artist, year, style, whatever, and you can listen to podcasts and playlists. You can listen to whole albums completely free before you buy them (or listen to them free if you are too embarrassed to buy them)!

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