Friday, December 26, 2008

Berry Christbas

"I just can't help but wonder if that person for me is out there, or if I'm going to find them..."

These words echoed from the screen and theatrically, slowly, my brother turned to look at me. I pinched him in the side, we both laughed, and my mom gave us "the look". Another Christmas being single. Another Christmas with my family.

Despite being single (or maybe because of it?), I had a fantastic Christmas. I stayed in my pajamas for three days straight, watched at least five movies, went shopping, ate my weight in cookies, and cuddled with three snuggly dogs. Oh, and I got a cold. I get a cold every Christmas. I'm not kidding.

My family loves giving gifts, and we always go overboard. I got movies (including Harry and the Hendersons - ha!), some great stuff for my kitchen from Anthropologie, yoga pants (the only clothes my parents can safely buy me), and a bunch of other great stuff that I will actually really use.

I came home, dropped the stuff on my floor, and started going through my closets. The only thing I like more than getting new things is clearing out the stuff that I don't need or use anymore. It's like sweating: you take water in, you sweat it out, and your body is cleansed in the process. This is a different kind of cleansing. I got a new coat, so I got rid of three. I got a couple of new outfits, so I got rid of a few. Some people might see this as being materialistic or spoiled, but I see it as healthy.

I spent today, tissues by my side, watching episodes of Pushing Daisies. I'm so, so sad that this show is going off. It's really one of the best shows I've seen in a very long time. And the outfits! It makes me want to wear yellow dresses and head scarves. For now, I will just have to settle for curly hair and peacock feathers.

Outside, it is almost 70 and raining. I'm about to meet up with a friend and meet some of her family. More on this later, but this Christmas has been a great reminder to me that my family now includes so many wonderful people from all over, and I am thankful for them all.

Oh, and yes, it is still my home, Pastor Wes.


Stephanie Lynn said...

I will say this... it does not stop when you're no longer single, it just diverts to "so when are you going to have kids"... gotta love family.
glad you had a great christmas!

Dan S. said...

and once you have kids its "when are you going to move out of your parents house?"... or maybe that is just me?

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