Monday, February 9, 2009

Wait, did she just text? Can she even spell?

I realize that we were all kids once, and that all parents make mistakes, and that we usually turn out, at the very least, socially acceptable, but I am concerned about future adults.

I just went down to do some laundry (I feel like I do laundry all.the.time) and there was some little kid with just a t-shirt on. The woman he was with made some comment about he was probably a little cold, but probably didn't mind. Then she goes, "Yeah, we're potty training him, so we don't put pants on him much anymore." I never know what to say to stuff like that, so I did the awkward laugh and some generic "yeah" comment. What I really wanted to say was that if he had to go now, our hallway was going to share in the potty training experience, and no one wanted that.

The other night in the movie theater, I sat by a little girl who was maybe 5 years old and she had a cell phone that was nicer than mine. Why does a 5 year old need a cell phone? Anybody?

I spent both days this weekend at Easton, and it almost convinced me to not have kids. For those outside the Columbus area, Easton is an upscale, outside shopping area based on European malls. It's amazing for people watching. Both days I saw groups of tween girls running (literally) around in short shorts (still February in Ohio, folks), arms loaded with bags from expensive stores, giggling and screaming. I walked out of Victoria's Secret because there were more tweens and teens in there looking at lingerie than women and it kind of grossed me out. I'm all about being young and having fun, but I also understand that there have to be limits. Just because your kid is 12 and wants to be sexy or free, doesn't mean she should be. Maybe parents should let their kids be kids just a little bit longer. Just a thought.

It made me not want to have kids because my kids would have to be friends with these kids, and then I would have to be friends with their parents, and I have a hard time believing that would happen. I have this idealistic plan where my kids will have tents made out of blankets, tons of crayons everywhere, and lots of time playing outside. In short, a simple and happy childhood, where technology and toys don't take away the years of magic that kids only get for a little bit of time. I don't understand the parents that have kids and then pawn them off on nannies, malls, and school events. Why bother? Everyone just ends up being really screwed up. One of my best friends has no plans of having kids and I kind of admire that because she's being honest and realistic - more people should take note.

forthelove, put pants on your child in public (regardless of their age). Thank you.


Dan S. said...

pants, and clothing in general, is highly overrated. maybe i should start taking notes from these parents you are meeting.

Martha said...

I just wanted to take this moment to mention how much I dearly love you and love reading everything about your life. But I am a filthy time thief and only have that one moment. Which has now expired. Shoot.
I'll come back. But I have been websiting (yeah, that's totally a word, right?) at top speed all day and desperately needed to stop and read something hilarious. You always come through for me.

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