Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's like crack, baby

It's just after 10:30 a.m. and I have worked four hours already. Yesterday was the opposite - I worked from 4 p.m until a little after 10. Making my own schedule definitely has its perks.

I've had a week of appointments, trying to take advantage of my insurance while I have it. So far, I am in perfect working order. My teeth are all fine, all tests came back normal, and today, I am having my shoulder checked out. There was a hair appointment in there, too, but that was less about insurance and more about "I need a haircut now!" Haircuts are never just haircuts. I love, love, love my stylist. I've gone to her for close to three years, so she knows all of the quirks of my hair (and me). I went in with every intention of chopping it all off, but she talked me into being patient and keeping the length. I love the new cut, too. So, if you need a place to go, lemme know.

I've also been yoga every day (five days a week) and it has been a lifesaver. It's an addiction. I think my friends are tired of hearing about it. Dark, sweaty, intense, hot, great music - I feel amazing afterward. It has been the one thing through the years that I have never gotten tired of and have always just really loved. Finally, after all of that time, it looks like I might finally be getting my certification to teach! I'm so, so excited and so thankful for the person who is helping me get there.

More later, but for now, I have more forms to fill out. I feel like I have filled out more forms and applications in the past week than in my entire life (What is the zip code of the first home I lived in as a child? How many credit hours did I achieve in high school? What?). I'm going to leave you with this video. Why didn't my dentist give me whatever this kid got?! Oh, and he is going to hate his father in about five years...

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Stephanie Lynn said...

oh my gosh! that video is hilarious and totally made my day. i needed a good laugh after work today. thanks! :)

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