Saturday, February 7, 2009

Speechless is fine

Ice pack on shoulder, warm tea (green yerba matte + vanilla + milk) in hand, I am in the midst of much needed Saturday/day off. Yoga was great today, and I'm feeling pretty good about the cloudy 50 degrees outside. I love cloudy days so much, and this makes me even more excited about the cloudy spring and summer days just around the corner.

Last night I went to see Coraline and I have to say, I am completely impressed. If you are a fan of Tim Burton, or things that are dark and odd, go see this movie! The animation is great, the visuals are amazing, and despite a few slow spots/awkward dialogue, it holds your attention without a problem. I don't even want to give you more info because there is a lot of shock factor that needs to be preserved. All that said, I wouldn't take kids to this one. Also, you may not want to go with graphic designers. My friend and I were discussing the great font in the main title and the artwork (those posters!) throughout the movie.

I was reading this post earlier (thanks Katie!) and nodding my head in agreement almost the whole time (not literally, that would be really weird). I read this same post about six months ago and thought it all sounded so wonderful, so intense. Well, it is and it isn't. My favorite thing anyone says is that sleeping becomes a luxury rather than a habit. I usually fall into bed, so thankful to be there rather the the normal "maybe if I watch a movie I can fall asleep" routine. I'm finding that routines can be very dangerous things.

Speaking of sleep...At about 3 a.m. I heard someone talking really loudly. It wasn't my neighbor (thin walls), so I started looking around outside. Let me point out that I had only been asleep for about two hours at this point. Some guy was standing outside on his cell phone, begging his "baby" to come pick him up. He "didn't care if he was acting like a heartbroken 15 year-old, because his pain was real." He just kept talking about how it hurt, and how he needed her to come get him. That's charming and all, but not outside my window at 3 a.m. He drove away after 15 minutes, and while that should have made me feel better, I can't imagine that he was in a great condition to be driving around.

I wanted character where I lived, I got it.

Have a great Saturday and enjoy all 50 of those degrees!

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believe_in_magic said...

That just happened to me, too!! (The guy outside at 3 am part) I woke up to this linebacker guy bawling like a little girl and the police interrogating him as to why he tried to jump out the window when his girlfriend called the cops on him. Great entertainment, if that's what you're looking for at 3 am. Unfortunately, sleep IS a habit in my world. Blech. ;)

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