Sunday, February 1, 2009

"R", as in Romeo

Today the first time it got above freezing in weeks, and everything was melting and running. In my excitement, I opened my windows for a while and let some fresh air into my apartment. I think it says a lot when "above freezing" translates into "it's warm!". I'll just be happy when I can go somewhere without my jeans, shoes, socks, and feet all being wet and/or salty.

My adventures in freelancing continued right into the weekend. I got about three hours of sleep on Friday, went to yoga, and then came back to work more/go to a meeting/work some more/buy a printer/work some more on Saturday. I don't think I slept on Saturday - I think I collapsed into bed and actually fell into a coma (which lasted right through that alarm).

Setting my printer up on my wireless network took a bit longer than expected. It ended up crashing my network, which crashed my modem. I spent an hour on the phone with tech support. I'm all about diversity, but I have to say that tech support with heavy Indian accents does complicate things a bit. During my time on the line with "Kevin", I also managed to free the drawstring from the waistband in my favorite sweatpants and pop an entire sheet of bubble wrap. Why do so few things come with bubble wrap these days?

Today I went out and bought some basic office supplies. I've never been so excited about manila folders and printer paper before. I got sweet folders, too: vintage pastels. My little desk area is all set up and I have to say, pretty awesome. Even if the freelance gig doesn't last long, I will have a nice space set up to work in.

Tonight is Super Bowl Sunday and I will be headed off to a party soon. I'll admit it, I'm more excited about The Office coming on after. My favorite Super Bowl is still a few years ago, with Dan and a pregnant Sarah. Those were good times (*Dan: Let's plan a visit soon?*). Tonight will be nice, though. It's kind of like Valentine's Day: even if you don't actively participate, it's nice to take part in the excitement of it all.

Everyone have an awesome night!

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Dan S. said...

the lack of bubble wrap probably has something to do about being green. i am sure its bad for the environment some how.

what did you think of the office? i thought it was one of the best ones in a long time.

i agree completely, we really need to setup a visit soon. so far this month we are busy on the 14th and 28th. other than that we are good, let me know!

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