Friday, January 30, 2009

Man, I need a filing cabinet

To make up for not posting yesterday, I will post two today(ish). Those morning hours are kind of iffy when it comes to assigning days.

I have thus far enjoyed the life of a freelancer, although day one probably has my body hating me. I'm still getting up early, but going to bed even later. I just put in about ten hours straight - my back hurts, my wrists hurt, and my eyes are barely focusing. Lunch was an apple with peanut butter and some cake, and dinner was chips, homemade salsa, and a few jelly beans that were close by (to end the jalepeno-induced mouth-on-fire sensation). Meals were eaten at my desk. My day also included two cups of coffee, one cup of tea and two packs of gum.

So, tomorrow will be better. I was in, out, digging my car out (it was stuck for 1/2 an hour), slushing through the snow. It's almost midnight and I'm about to start my fourth project of the day.

It's been fun, even though the stress levels get up there. I am lucky to be working with some great people, and it's fun to be able to make stuff again! I get to read magazines for research, gather images, and buy cool office supplies. On the other hand, I also have to read about managing the finances of a small business, figure out tax info, learn how to handle invoices, etc. while scheduling meetings and launching new projects. I am going to sleep really, really well when I finally go to bed!

Side note: Check out Caged Creatives - the first postings are up (mine is going up soon...)!

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Dan S. said...

first: congrats on staying busy! sounds like you may keep your sanity yet.

second: we need to schedule a visit soon

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