Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ready to travel, but better on snow days

I decided that if I wasn't going to play in the snow, I was at least going to out and dig out my car. Five minutes later I trekked back inside, unsuccessful. My fists and keys are no match for more than 1/2 an inch of solid ice.

My time inside has made especially fond of (read: in love with!) a few things. I feel the need to share.

1: Trader Joe's Sipping Chocolate: This stuff is amazing. Think, Italy. Think, Chocolat. Think, rock your world and make you addicted. At only 90 calories, 1 gram of fat, and natural ingredients (there are only four ingredients), this is way better than anything I've found anywhere else.

2: Malin + Goetz bar soap in rum: I've switched from peppermint to rum and love this one even more. Lightly scented, this is great for guys and girls. The scent is great and lasts all day without being powerful. It makes your skin soft and leaves it feeling clean. Plus, it reminds me of one my favorite places and the good times spent there (and getting there).

3: Bert's Bee's Banana Hand Cream: Forget the hands and go straight for the lips. I'm not really sure if it helps hands, but I do know that it keeps lips soft and nice all winter. The banana scent is soft and goes away quickly, making it okay for those of us who don't love smelling like faux banana.

4: Field Notes Notepads: These little guys are great to have lying around. Under the couch, in a drawer, or on the desk where they *should* be, they look great and fit nicely wherever they end up. I love, love, love the mini-graph notebooks. Great for taking notes or creating your next illustration when you should be taking notes.
(In freelance world, they are incredibly handy when you are, say, working on the couch and a client calls with vital info.)

Just four today, but more to come. Take care of yourself out there!

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