Sunday, March 15, 2009

A worthy break

My my, it's been a while.

I went on a short trip, did a lot of yoga, went rollerblading at 2:00 on a Monday, and watched an entire season of a TV show in one weekend. Yes, I am finally taking a break.

My trip "down south" was educational. Even after 24 years of visits, I think the place surprises me more now than it did before. The cultural contrast is almost shocking. Things that I wouldn't even think twice about are alarming and unusual (it was weird that I liked "those things", referring a latte), and it was interesting to listen to the perspectives of people who live, essentially, in such a different world. I got some good quality time with my family and had a nice long drive to transition.

As soon as I pulled up to my apartment, my "check engine" light came on. Talk about timing. Apparently, it isn't a vital problem and my car will be fine, but it was a bit of a wake-up call for me. If something would happen to my car, I'd be in a rough spot. So, I would love to "live the dream", and I will as long as I can, but things like insurance and the ability to provide for myself are important, too. The people who seem to get most excited about my "freedom" are mostly married and have a job, so I question their judgment when they tell me to sell everything and move to Paris. I knew I should have married rich at a young age...

In just two days at least four people have reminded me that life is short. I am trying to convince myself that this isn't some sort of sign of my impending doom, but rather a sign to take care of a few things. We get so lost in adulthood, in cultural norms, duties, and pride that we usually let closed doors stay closed or leave things as they were. Is there someone you need to get back in touch with? Do you need to put a person ahead of your pride? Do you need to take giant leap into the unknown? Or maybe, do you just need to get up out of that chair now and then and stop letting life pass you by? Seriously.

Today is sunny and warm, for a change. I need to make business cards, apply for a few jobs, and work on my website. I might just end up rollerblading on this Tuesday afternoon, too...


believe_in_magic said...

Seriously? Someone told you to sell everything you have and move to Paris? Wow. I mean, it sounds like a great thing to do with your free time, I can't argue that! But a little preparation may be in order, no? I can only imagine the pearls of wisdom you get showered with these days.

Dan S. said...

i would like to believe that i am one of those married people being jealous of your freedom but not suggesting you ruin your life. we also need to set a date and get together, i believe my children are going through aunt amanda withdraw.

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