Saturday, April 25, 2009

Everybody's Free

I have loved this week. This week made up for the rainy, bad week preceding it, and then went a step further and extended itself into next week.

Wednesday, as some of you know, was Earth Day. I love the Earth, of course, but I also love free stuff. Aveda Institute was giving complimentary facials in honor of the big day, so I started it out there. It was fantastic and I felt great all day. I followed that up by heading to Northstar Cafe, home of the best burger in town (even though it's a veggie burger, it still won). They were giving away free v.burgers, so I enjoyed it with the rare sunshine we had that day.

On Thursday, I went to see Neko Case in concert. I met up with the BFF Miss Yaca for tea beforehand (rose latte!), and then we walked to to show. I wasn't a huge Neko fan, but I am now. She put on a really fun, personal show, even doing more than planned for the encore. Realizing that she was a really cool person made me appreciate her music even more. Oh, and her stage was great! Her hair is amazing, and they had a night sky animation behind her a lot of the show - great colors going on.

I also colored my hair on Thursday and I now have purple/red/black locks. No streaks, that's just the best way to describe the color. I've received more compliments on my hair in the last few days than I ever have, I think. Even if no one said anything, I love it.

On Monday, I am going to the Black Keys show at Skully's. There are still people ready to do just about anything for tickets, so I'm just happy that I was able to get mine with only minor amounts of dignity sacrificed. I have a feeling that it is going to be an amazing show!

On Wednesday, I'll be teaching my first class in the studio that I'm renting, and I'm really exciting! It's close to downtown and campus, so I'm hoping to draw in new people. I've been having shoulder problems for about a week, so I'm hoping those clear up. I've been doing a lot of design work this week and I think my shoulder is messed up from that more than the yoga. Yes, it's ironic.

Today, I am headed to a Crew game. I can't even believe how perfect the weather is! Pair that with the new music my friend gave me (23+ cd's!) and I am in a rare state of bliss today. Enjoy the sunshine, and remember, everybody's free to wear sunscreen (so slap it on).

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Dan S. said...

wow that does sound like an amazing week! i understand your "design shoulder" problem as i also have a "gaming back" problem... funny how hard clicking can be on the body.

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