Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tea and Sympathy (Bottles and Bones)

I spent 12 hours at my desk today and didn't even realize it. I took breaks to do things like shower, vacuum, do some dishes. This is how it's been.

The Black Keys was uh-mazing. Had I been able to move, it would have probably been too much handle. As it was, I didn't even have room to put my hands at my sides (seriously). The woman in front of me had Stevie Nicks hair that she kept flipping back into my face. She was also taking up about ten feet of space. The guy behind me was about seven feet tall, drunk, and dancing, so his elbow kept going into my back. I tried to pretend it was a massage. Despite all of these things, they put on a really, really good show. Somewhere in the middle, everyone kind of accepted that we were all sweaty and close, and we all kind of just went with it. That night I realized that a good friend is one who throws herself between you and the two guys fighting behind you.

The next day, I woke up with sinus/allergies/a cold. I have three running projects that are keeping me busy. I had two call backs on full time jobs, had quite a few people contacting me about my new classes, and put a bid in for an apartment close to downtown. That night I realized that a good friend lets you freak out, invites you over despite your sickness, gives you a blanket and tea, and watches Reality Bites on a rainy Tuesday.

My first yoga class in the new studio went really well. I just had my regulars this week, but I've now had four new people contact me about coming to a class. I've started a blog here. I walked in and the class before us was chanting. The teacher is also the owner of the studio, who I had never met. She bounced out a few minutes later, jumped up and down, and ran over and hugged me. She's totally eccentric, and I love it. The class was great: it was hot, we had wood floors, and we listened to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs the whole time. Love my students!

Today, I am still suffering from pollen or the cold. I finished up one project, will finish another tomorrow, and picked up a new project today. I've been able to make new contacts, learn some new skillz, and finish up projects on the side. It's been a really interesting week that has made me so, so thankful for the amazing people in my life. And now, almost 14 hours after my day began, I am going to watch a movie...

*Points to anyone who recognizes the title of this entry*

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believe_in_magic said...

It has always amazed me how you make "unemployment" look so much more like living than employment does. Maybe you're worried about paying bills (I have a regular job and still worry about that!) but you seem to gather so much from every day, stuff that would go unnoticed if you were preoccupied with common employment. ...Just saying...

Where is this apartment you're putting a bid in for? Is it new/old/awesome/wonky/huh huh tell me?! Looking for a house out here is killing me because NOTHING was built prior to 1970. I will try to live vicariously through your amazing real estate options and stop whining on my end. :(

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