Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hit the floor

I've written two posts and failed to post them because both of them just trailed off at the end. No one wants to read that.

Day three of rain over here. Everyone is bitter and complaining, but I personally really like rainy days. As I am unemployed, a rainy day translates into a movie day. Or a reading day. I'm currently reading both Revolutionary Road and Reading Lolita in Tehren, and both are good so far.

Not good: both my car and apartment were leaking. Seriously?

Having spent more time than usual in my apartment, I'm aware of something fairly disturbing. I don't typical get spooked often, and I'm not a big believer in ghosts. That said, something is weird around here, and even my most skeptical friends are telling me to move. My doors have been closing on their own. All the windows are shut, heat is off. I would still typically blame this on a draft (still telling myself that's what it is...), but the other day, a door shut that could in no way be hit by a draft. Draft or not, it's unsettling to be sitting down, watching a movie, and suddenly have a door slam shut in your apartment. Spooked yet?

On a brighter note, I got what is possibly my favorite necklace to date. Here it is online, but it actually looks better in person. I also love the "I Spy" necklace, but it sold out fast.

I also got seven months of patience and hair cut off in one hour. My hair was hanging just below my shoulders. It was nice. It was girly. It was also thick, and had weird waves that no straightening iron/product could defeat. After going to several shows and galleries lately, I decided that I really missed my short, edgy hair. I think my stylist was a little disappointed (she's been encouraging me to grow it out this whole time), but she gave me a great cut and totally understood. Ah - feels so much better!

Speaking of concerts, I won tickets to the Black Keys show on the 27th! I'm a little bitter that I didn't even win it at Ladies' 80's night (all that dignity lost for nothing), but I'm not complaining. Junior Boys will be performing at the same place two nights later and I'm thinking about checking them out, too. Diplo or Junior Boys? So much techno-laced music, so little time.

Two yoga classes, two projects to work on, and one book discussion/lunch today. Also, I think the sun is supposed to make a brief appearance today. Have a great Wednesday!

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