Friday, April 10, 2009

The goods

Saying "good Friday morning" is always a little weird on actual Good Friday. Another fun fact? Someone once told me that it rained every Good Friday. This doesn't makes sense when I think about it scientifically, but for the record, there have only been two years that it hasn't rained since I was seven years old.

It's been a productive week, even though I've been fidgety through most of it. I've even been trying extra yoga/kicking it up to work off some of this weird hyper/restless energy, but now I'm just amazingly sore. The legs, they hurt. I tried Tiger Balm after two recommendations in one day. I'm not exactly sure how well it works, but it does have a nice little zing to it that, strangely, puts me right to sleep.

I gave Ladies' 80's night another chance and the second time around was much better. We danced all night, adding to my soreness. Some friends joined us this time, and we were only hit on once thanks to our spot up front. The guy was polite, but he still warrants a tip:
:: Don't hit on a girl by asking her how old she is. You seem creepy and it doesn't exactly make her more attracted to you in any way.

Tomorrow, I'm meeting up with friend to catch up on the latest from my old office (oh the drama) and then going to "CD101 Day". I'm hoping it's as cool as I've hoped for three years. After that, I'm meeting some friends downtown post-Crew game. In other news, I just won tickets to a Black Keys show! You can't buy the tickets, so I've been entering everything trying to get in those doors. Seeing Psychotic Girl live? Somebody hold me back.

To get you ready for the weekend, enjoy this mix. Not my usual style, but I'm going with it...

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