Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring was in the air

Nothing like snow to shake you from the spring-weather-induced buzz that was this weekend. I'm going to see if I can hold out and keep the heat off for the next two stupidly cold days...

I spent much of my weekend going out in the way that makes my married friend jealous. I'm usually just happy when the excursions are actually as fun as they sound, and that was the case this weekend. We started it off with Ladies 80's night at Skully's. While it's not my usual scene, we had a decent time and "danced" to some good/bad 80's music for about two hours. The highlight was this one guy who was totally into it, 100%. I stopped dancing several times and just watched him. Unfortunately, there were slimy guys, and they were plentiful. I almost killed a guy. Seriously. Some tips:

1: Not all girls left their houses looking for you.
2: Do not kiss a girl's hand if you don't know her. Don't kiss her cheek, and sohelpme, don't think about kissing her neck. These are all fatal errors, regardless of how charming you might think you are.
3: Never start off a compliment with,"I've been watching your body move all night...". That's just gross.
4: Don't be the old, overweight guy taking pictures from the corner on his phone.

I'm giving this night another chance this week and going with a group. I'm anticipating a good time (and hoping to win tickets to the Black Keys show!).

On Saturday I followed up my normal yoga class with an advanced session that was awesome but that also kicked my butt. After this weekend, everything hurts, but it's great. Bring it, bikini season.

We went to Gallery Hop on Saturday night and found it to be much, much colder than expected. We also ended up sitting outside for dinner because that was the only place to get a seat. I've never been so happy about the lighting of the candle on the table. We hit our usual galleries and then headed to Mojoe lounge. I think I met half of the people I know (and some that I didn't) at some point that night. We were supposed to meet up with some people and go to a "goth dance party afterward. None of us knew what that even involved, but we were open to checking it out despite our lack of goth-ness. In the process of walking there we decided that the night had been full enough, and rocking out a goth party would have to be postponed.

After two more intense yoga sessions, I am yet again sore this morning. I'm about to meet up with a friend for our weekly get-together. After that, I'm caving and going to American Apparel for some t-shirts. I never knew it was so hard to find a good t-shirt. The rest of the day will be spent on working (yay!) and then teaching tonight. Have a good Monday!

Oh, and get the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album. Some good stuff.

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Dan S. said...

i have heard some of the new yeah yeah yeah stuff... indeed good.

everyone is making such a big deal about this snow... this is ohio people. by living here you agree to at least 6 months of possible snow.

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