Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Make you sweat

I just finished my second yoga class of the day, I am sore all over, I have a deadline tomorrow, and I now smell like a coffee house. This might just be one of those nights where I just sleep in what I'm wearing...

My time as guest DJ completely rocked, and it's been really cool to hear from people who listened. I'm hearing from people I haven't talked to since high school, and people are sending me their addresses, requesting playlists. The time in the studio was great, and the DJ was really cool. There was a wreck on the way there, so I just made it in time despite the fact that I had given myself an extra 20 minutes. That definitely distracted me enough to get rid of any remaining nerves, so I was pretty calm when I walked in. I was taken back to the studio about 5 minutes before we went on, and the only things I had were verbal instructions, some notes I scribbled, and my playlist. Luckily, the DJ was great about explaining everything and getting me ready to go back on. When I was finished, I had so many messages. I think one of the best parts of it all was sharing the excitement of it with everyone. Thanks again, folks!

I ended the day with one of my favorite people. We had sushi at this great place right by her apartment, then we got Jeni's ice cream (Dark Chocolate + Sweet Buttermint for me, Berries and Bergundy + Dark Chocolate for her) and ate it in her kitchen while her cat ran around us. It was nice to just end the day relaxing and laughing, catching up. I'm kind of doubting it's going to work out, but I'm really hoping to move down there soon!

Life returned to normal today, with lessons and deadlines. After this deadline, I'm going to revisit my own site and do some redesign over there. I did it a while ago and have learned some great new stuff. Yesterday was really good for me in a lot of ways, which I may/may not go into later, but I'm excited now. I've found a new drive, a new direction. I may/may not have a photo shoot on Friday, but I definitely have Race for the Cure, a wedding, and Agora on Saturday. Never, ever sit still.

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