Monday, May 11, 2009

My 15 (60) Minutes

I just finished up another round of deadlines and one intense yoga class. Tonight, we did "angry yoga" complete with a mix of angry music. The mix was strangely satisfying to create. We're both going to be sore tomorrow, but I think the class was good for both of us.

Tomorrow, I will be the guest DJ on CD101. I've been alternating between completely calm and totally stressed out all day. I put together a playlist about a month ago, and I figure it's a good sign that I still feel good about it. I had some amazing friends who helped me out and gave me some tough but good feedback. The list (ahem):

1. Menomena: Wet and Rusting
2: Psychotic Girl: The Black Keys
3: Debaser: The Pixies
4: Son's Gonna Rise: Citizen Cope
5: Dull Life
6: 23: Blonde Redhead
7: Look Up: Mirah
8: Penelope: Pinback
9: Sleep Tonight: Stars
10: Italo: Anathallo
11: You Can Have It All: Yo La Tengo
12: Little Bit: Lykke Li
13: 1901: Phoenix

My friend helped me pick out a few outfits tonight (gotta have options) and I'm feeling pretty good about it. I've done speeches and TV stuff before, and I was the designer for a radio station, so it's not completely foreign to me. While a small bit of stress lingers, I am thankful that my voice never quivers or changes pitch with my nerves, and I don't break out in hives. I have friends who do both, and it seems unusually cruel. I think my face went numb earlier, though...

On a side note, Bob Marley's Three Little Birds just came on shuffle and he is ever-so-calmly telling me not to worry. Ah, timing.

If you feel like hearing my voice, tune in (101.1FM) or log on ( to CD101 from 1-2pm, on Tuesday. It will either go really well and you can be like, "Hey, I know her!" or it will be really awkward and you can be like, "Oh. My gosh. Listen to this train wreck." Either way, you will be entertained, right?


Dan S. said...

already have it pulled up and ready to listen.

believe_in_magic said...

Angry yoga sounds awesome. I'd love that mix for those 2 days a month that I want to go on a rampage! Sam thinks yoga sounds dumb so I've been trying to explain to him how you make it sound like a really good workout and you do it to cool music, but he is still skeptical. He said you will have to visit and teach us. We'll work on that plan. ;)

I'd never heard of anyone on your playlist (except The Black Keys, but just from reading here) but I particularly enjoyed the first 4 songs and a few in the middle that I will have to revisit.

Joy Hart (aka HeyJoy) said...

Just tweeted about your playlist. Great tunes, Amanda!!

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