Friday, May 8, 2009

Got me a movie, I want you to know

It's been such a busy week. This is the first time I haven't been working furiously, researching, or studying for one of my projects. I launched a website earlier in the week, had a big deadline on Wednesday, launched a new project on Thursday, and had three deadlines today. I have two deadlines on Monday, and then will be working throughout the week on a pretty big project. Staying busy is great, but it is also stressful when everything is due at the same time. I've barely slept, eaten, or left this chair all week.

The stress really hit me on Wednesday. First, I mailed a letter. Without a stamp. Yep. It was an important letter, so I'm really hoping that it somehow comes back to me. That was after I completely misread an email and got a little hurt/offended by what I thought a client was saying. It took me an hour and four more run-throughs to realize that my tired eyes were jumbling the text, and that the client was actually being really, really nice. I wanted to drive an hour and hug her after that. My other clients loved my concepts today, and after hearing my voice on the phone and thinking I was sick or sleeping, my contact ended her final email with "now get some rest". I appreciated their kindness more than they realized.

After spending so much time in my apartment, I was more than ready to go out. There was a show in a small venue that seemed like a decent option. Unfortunately, my friends are as tired as I am and weren't up for it. I realize that going out alone is an option, and one that I am fine with, but my mind ran through the various uncomfortable possible scenarios. For instance, you could run into someone you kind of know, and then you have to explain that you're just, you know, chillin' alone. I'm too tired to deal with that tonight. I ended up in the candy aisle, with every intention of renting a movie (ice cream + movie = way too single girl night, but candy somehow seemed better?). I ended up with Welch's fruit chews and no movie. It's going to be me and Mr. Darko tonight.

Tomorrow, I am going to yoga (finally!) and then going to the Crew game. It's a big anniversary for the stadium and the weather is supposed to be great.

Oh. And. Hair: did.
And: I go on the radio on Tuesday. I replaced TV on the Radio with the Pixies in one final move today. I already respect myself slightly more. I will try to focus on the music and not on the fact that my stomach goes numb when I think about going on the air...

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and how was Mr. Darko?

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