Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Get right

I'm back online after 2.5 days of internet silence. I'm in my new home (!) and loving it. It's been interesting, but I feel more at home here already than I did in the year I spent in my last place. My neighbors are amazing, and they share their dogs: Charlie, Zero, and a grouchy little dog whose name I still need to learn. I can hear church bells and a train - two of my favorite things from previous homes.

I woke up this morning and smelled gas. I figured it was either my imagination or a lingering smell from yesterday, when my landlord fixed my stove. I opened up my windows and worked on decorating for a while. A few hours later, the smell was stronger and I was starting to feel a little nauseous. I called the gas company and the guy was there in less than 10 minutes. By this time, I was sitting on my porch. He checked my whole apartment and his meter went off as soon as he got close to my stove. Apparently, the pilot lights had gone out, so my stove was just pumping gas into my apartment. The cable guy and my landlord showed up at almost the same time. I opened all of my doors, let them do their things, and I cut out stuff in my living room. Two hours later, everything is in working order and I'm connected to the world again.

Tomorrow, a certain Mr. Billet is visiting from Virginia and we are going to have quite the time. I hope he's ready for it. So far, his visit includes Appleseed Cast, maybe a gallery hop, a wedding, and whatever else we stumble into. If his visit is anything like our conversations, watch out.

Pictures will be coming soon - promise. For now, I'm going to step away from this screen and do some more work. I'm so happy it's raining today. After 5 straight days of moving, I needed the break. Hope everyone is doing well!


Dan S. said...

Mr. Billet's visit is bound to be wodnerful, if only from the company he will have. Definitely looking forward to seeing you and your new place.

Liz said...

Ah, church bells and trains. Love those sounds too. Can't wait for pictures! And my 7 days of moving - piece by piece - is commencing tomorrow... ugh.

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