Monday, June 8, 2009

The squares are all full

I can't believe it's as late as it is, but alas, I am typing by the light of the keyboard now. The past week has been insane. Some highlights:

I have no stove. Even "fixed" the thing was filling my apartment with the smell of gas so I shut it off. So far, I haven't even been home long enough to call my landlord. Despite this small issue, I am madly in love with my apartment. My friend came over Friday night and we walked around my new neighborhood. Ah, love. Unfortunately, my neighbors decided to have a party the first time my parents came to see my place. We pull in and I hear the music/see the yard complete with red cups and corn hole and know that this is unfortunate. The highlight was when my mom walked out of the bathroom and said, "Um, I think someone just threw up outside of your bathroom."

I've seen two shows since my last post. On Thursday I saw (Jukebox the ghost, Jenny Owen Youngs) Appleseed Cast, and last night I saw (U.S. Royalty, The Subjects) White Rabbits. I was impressed with both Jenny Owen Youngs and U.S. Royalty, who put on great opening acts. Both leading bands were great, too. I've decided to cross over and wear ear plugs to shows from now on. The shows actually sound a lot better and quite frankly, I've only seen a few shows that were worth actual hearing loss.

I'm meeting so many new people (or people I only know online) and it's great. I have more respect for a certain Mr. Yost than almost anyone in the world due to an incident involving two strangers, a shopping cart, and 1:00 a.m. on High Street. I had some Jeni's ice cream with a Mr. Billet, followed by the coolness of Tigertree and the vintage quirkiness of Flower Child. I then dropped him off at the wrong hotel, where he unknowingly walked into a Haunting Gathering. Sorry about that...

My childhood best friend got married this weekend, so my family and I made the trek to the wedding. We left at 10 a.m. and got back at 9:30 p.m, so it was a long day (mostly spent in my car). I'm so happy I got to go and share that with my friend and her family. We've gone our separate ways, and that's life, but we still grew up together and will always have that. It was a beautiful wedding, and it meant so much to just be there.

The new internship is well under way and I'm loving it! The guy I'm working with is crazybusy and so fun. I have a whole list of events lined up already this month, and we've already started working on launching a new company. We're going to be learning how to do both video (we get to shadow a crew doing a North Market video!) and podcasting soon. I'm so, so happy this worked out! I also busted out my barista skillz this weekend and served drinks at a graduation party. I stood right by the t.v. where the girl's video was playing, and I never want to hear The Climb again (not that I wanted to hear it in the first place...). Everyone was really nice and I had fun making the drinks again.

And that, friends, is why my eyes have been bloodshot for a solid week, why I have no photos to post, and why my conversation skills have been at an all time low. Goal this week: rest, and then get it together. Have a great week!

Heaven is a Drag

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Dan S. said...

sounds like you had an amazing week and i am glad i was able to participate in it.

now rest, relax... and do it all over again.

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