Saturday, June 20, 2009

Put some pants on that pride

I should be getting ready to go see a play tonight, but I think a walk and a movie are going to replace the live performance. A nap and Pree convinced me to simply relax tonight.

Where to start? The internship has been interesting. There are currently four of us (Boss: "Oh, look, my intern army.") and he's kept us busy. It's such an interesting role to be filling. We had to prepare for two coinciding events last night. At one point, another girl and I were scrubbing the floors with sponges - in heels. Let me just throw it in here that it's almost 90 degrees and somewhere near 95% humidity. Being sweaty is one thing. Being sweaty while while dressed up is another. And, you can imagine the hair situation...

The first event was a Pride event and the place was a little crazy because aside from 300 guests, the Governor and Mayor were both supposed to attend. As that was picking up we headed out and picked up 18 pizzas and pop for a speaking event (again, hot, humid, heels). The two events could not be more opposite. One had gay men dressed in their finest and the other had highwaters galore and was possibly one of the most socially awkward events I've been to. The evening consisted of us attempting to maintain composure, and we totally failed a few times. At one point, another intern and I were the only two people in a hallway. I turned and said, "This has been the weirdest night" and agreed. She hadn't even finished nodding her head when a woman walked across the hall behind us wearing a green, glowing headband and said highwaters. Composure - lost.

It's Pride week in Columbus and you can tell as soon as you get within a mile of the Short North. I went to the Pride Parade for the first time today and saw a lot. As in, a lot of men in underwear, and feathers, and wigs. For the record, no man should wear a Speedo, thong, or anything resembling either of these. I saw a drag queen hold up traffic because her hair was too tall and she literally couldn't fit into the car picking her up. I saw another drag queen riding around in a motorized wheelchair wearing a silver gown and tiara. The make-up was literally melting off their faces, making it even more interesting. There were stretch limos with guys in tighty whiteys hanging out the windows (or dancing on top, whatever), lots of exposed stomachs that shouldn't have been exposed, and men who had better legs than I will ever even dream of. You can imagine. I'll leave my list of "what I saw today" at that, and trust me, it's better that way. Oh, and, it is legal to go topless in Columbus.

So, tonight will consist of a quiet walk to the grocery store, followed by a quiet movie night. I bought a new pair of TOMS shoes and can't wait to design them! There is a ton of exciting news to share, but that, my friends, will have to wait until next time...

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