Saturday, December 26, 2009


For the record, I had an amazing Christmas. I love going home for Christmas, curling up with the collection of pets and family members, and watching movies for the 100th time. Any event that involves multiple naps before noon has my immediate approval.

This is going to be a random post, because a lot of random thoughts have occurred and because quite frankly, I like random posts.

:: It was nice to have new faces both around and under the tree this year (photo taken pre-attack):

:: The smell of Aveda's Blue Malva conditioner will always take me right back to this summer, in my friends' apartment, showering post-Lollapalooza and Chicago. Victoria's Secret's (no longer available) Secret Crush lotion will be the awesome vintage hotel room in Venice in the winter, with the towel warmer and windows overlooking the tiny elementary school.

:: I'm going to geek out for a second and let it be known that the style from Pushing Daisies has been extremely helpful in redoing both my room and wardrobe. For the record, I don't like things because they remind me of the show, I like the show because I feel like they (the creators and and stylists) get it. Of course everything should have a honeycomb pattern! Or any pattern! Of course we should still be able to wear awesome retro dresses! In this spirit, I have redone my bedroom in a modern gothic style, incorporating honeycomb patterns. I have also added two new dresses to my wardrobe. Now I need an excuse to wear them...

:: Despite some resentment over the three "i"'s, the Miike Snow station on Pandora will make you happy. Aaaand go!

:: Every year, when I come home from Christmas, I go through my apartment and get rid of a ton of stuff. Basically, if I haven't used it/worn it/seen it since last Christmas, I really don't need it. I probably get more joy out of getting rid of stuff than I should, but it's such a great feeling. It's always amazing to me to see how easily the unnecessary stuff piles up.

:: Some of my best friends have kids or are in the process of creating kids. I received pictures from both this weekend and it was absolutely fantastic. I'm sure at some point it will get old, but right now, every baby bump and every family Christmas photo is exciting to me.

:: Time with family and friends is important, but so alone time. So, on that note, I'm going to snuggle down int front my crackling fireplace (is it actually supposed to crackle that much?!), watch a new DVD, and enjoy a quiet evening alone. Hope everyone is having a great holiday out there!

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