Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hey Crazy

My brother is on my case about updating. It's a little weird to me that my brother reads my blog, but such is life.

Life has been busy. Busier than busy. I worked 28 hours between two days this week. That's three days in two. Or most of a full-time week in two days. After that, the week only slowed down a little.

I'm about to leave for my third Christmas party this week. Tomorrow, I'll be driving three hours south to my second family Christmas get-together this year, then driving three hours back. And then, it's Monday. You get the idea.

Things have been good, though. The Christmas parties have been stellar and I've had some amazing food this week (making up for all the missed meals!). All of the long hours paid off and my company landed a huge (and fun) client this week. After a year of saving, I went on a (way too successful) shopping spree this week. Tonight, I will possibly be on air for a charity drive on the same radio station that I guest DJ'd for earlier in the year. While I'm insanely tired, it's all paying off. I have every intention of going to bed early on Sunday. That will make up for the rest of the week, right?

Did I mention that my apartment is freezing? Or that I am about to freak out on my neighbors? Or that it's snowing and beautiful outside? Or that I love my fireplace? All of those things are going on right now, too. Hope everyone is doing well and surviving the holiday season!

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liz said...

I am not going to bother you about updating, bc I am the queen of that. But happy holidays to you, lovely! Here's to some relaxing!

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