Sunday, February 21, 2010

The show did not go on

Right now it is partly sunny. As in, there is actual sunshine coming in through my windows. You can't imagine how huge this is - we've just gone weeks without sunshine over here. My poor little jade plant is dying/dead, I believe. We have three days of rain followed by three days of snow coming our way, so I am going to enjoy every hint of sunshine I can get right now.

*This just in* My grandma just added me as a friend on Facebook. I am now friends with both grandmas. On Facebook.

It has been an interesting music week, to say the least. Last weekend I saw Langhorne Slim, who put on a surprisingly upbeat show. He was great live, and if you get a chance, you really should check him out.

An interesting situation occurred during the excellent Langhorne show. Let me state, first and foremost, that I do not blame Mr. Blair. I distinctly remember him being shoved across the room...forcefully. While watching the show, it was brought to my attention that I was standing shoulder to shoulder with the drummer of the Black Keys. While this is cool, I've found that being a drummer doesn't really mean someone is a great person. I brushed it off as a cool coincidence and went back to watching the show. Unfortunately, some people we were with had other ideas, so not only did they leave me, they took my wingman with them. When the-guy-who-was-not-actually-the-drummer started talking to me, there were eruptions of giggles and commands to leave with him (uh, obviously these women don't know me...). So, I spent the evening talking to a nice guy, missing most of the show, and leaving early with a migraine. Hurrah. But Langhorne was good.

Another excellent show was thwarted last night due to contract issues. St. Vincent, who is on my "must see" list, came through town and I was practically giddy about finally seeing her live. In a strange turn of events, the show was canceled about 30 minutes before it was supposed to start. The shady part of it all was that the venue made people stand outside, in the snow, without telling them it had been canceled. Then, they let everyone in and still never announced that the show was off. I announced to everyone in line that the show had officially been canceled. I think I killed the souls of the few people that believed me last night. It kind of reminded me of her video, actually:

In other news, I move next weekend! My horrible neighbors have been moving out for about three days now (how long does it take?!). There was some kind of fight at about 2:30 this morning, but it wasn't even long enough to call the police over. Just, you know, long enough to wake me up at 2:30 with angry yelling. My stuff is mostly packed up at this point and I'm just hoping for decent weather on the big day. Also, have I mentioned that I'm excited about my new place?!

For now, a lazy Sunday looms ahead. I will very possibly be enjoying the following music:

Mumford and Sons: Sigh No More
Joanna Newsom: Have One on Me
Marina and the Diamonds: The Family Jewels

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Liz said...

Oh my, what a post.
Glad for your move.
Excellent recos!!!!!

Blair is like 6'4.... how could he have been shoved? But then I remember him, the gentle giant, mister lovely.

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