Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pack, tape, label

*mid packing break*

Yep, two weeks to go and I am officially packing up my life. Because of my cliche working single girl lifestyle, my kitchen has been packed. Coffee, tea, and the stuff to make cereal has been left out. The good thing about moving so soon from a significantly smaller apartment is that I really have very little to pack. Being unemployed for most of last year means that very little was purchased, and some stuff has essentially stayed packed because again, this place is kinda on the small side. I can thank a very sweet and generous blog friend for making this day possible.

I'm all moved into my new office now. It's a really cool space! It's just me and one other person until mid-week next week, so it's really quiet and echoing in there now. We do have a sweet stereo system set up, though. Also, it's very cold. Unbearably cold. I will never be warm again cold, in our office. It will be nice to have everyone in there, but I've kind of liked this week of just doing my thing and having some space.

In a few hours I'll be meeting up with my buddy (also a blog friend) and hitting the Langhorne Slim show. I was completely unaware of this Langhorne fellow until about a week ago, but word on the street is that he puts on a good live show. Because of the venue, it will be fun. Because of the venue, I'm really hoping I remember my earplugs...

Okay, back to packing. And maybe ice cream. Ice cream seems like a good way to balance packing, no?

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Liz said...

How was langhorne slim how was langhorne slim??? hug blair for me, miss him.

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