Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Elbow room

I stopped doing yoga and I have no idea why. Having resumed it recently, I realized just how much good it does, and how much better I feel afterward. The gym (that I am paying for...) and the snow can shove it. My living room and some embarrassing workout music are doing just fine.

Tomorrow will be my first day in the new offices. It will just be me and one other person for a day or two, but it will be a good time to transition and just enjoy the new space. I've never been more excited to have elbow room before.

Moving homes is just around the corner and can't come fast enough. My neighbors woke me up at 2:30am, yelling and slamming until 3:00. It sounded a lot like:

Her: I just want to know that I can trust you.
Him: You can't trust me?! And I'm supposed to trust you? No, that hurts. You owe me an apology for even suggesting that you can't trust me. If you can't trust me, get out of my house.
*she starts crying, asking him to explain why he didn't call*he stomps around the apartment, returns*
Him: Look, my friend got arrested, I bailed him out, and he stayed with me. You happy?!
Her: Oh great. That's great.
Him: I have sh*y friends, ok? What am I supposed to do?

It went on like that, with more slamming and banging, for way too long. He told her to get out of her house at least two more times. They sound like a couple that should move in together, right?

In warmer, brighter and happier news, I'm planning a few summer trips and get-togethers and can't wait to see some familiar cities and faces. Also, music festivals watch out, because I am so headed your way.

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Mj. said...

Until our downstairs neighbors moved out, every night sounded like this:
Him: What are you posting on Myspace, about me?!
Her: meagoihsefdoinsdf [mumble mumble] Shut up, it's none of your business!
Him: It's about me, it's my business.
Him: You @#$%^& $%^&$$#^&*%$# #$%^&%$# %^&^$ &*(()***&%##@@ You must be #%$$^&^&(^^@#$@#$ if you think you can say that about me!
From this point on it is all unintelligable profanities with shattering, slamming, bodies hitting walls, etc. throughout.

Unfortunately, you don't have the advantage of a floor below you. When they woke me up screaming, I would go drag our furniture around on the tile floor (wicked screeching noises!) until they shut up.

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