Saturday, February 6, 2010

You would think something happened

Yesterday, walking into work, coffee in hand, I started getting hit with ice. Not snow, not even a mix. Ice. The storm that was supposed to come at noon started promptly at 9 am and continued well after I went to bed by the look of things.

When it snows, people really freak out around here. I legitimately needed to go grocery shopping after work and couldn't find a parking space. I actually had to leave and go back later. The line for the movie rental box was the longest I've seen it. Businesses have been closed all weekend. Because you know, it doesn't snow several times a year around here.

Not wanting to be a wimpy Ohioan, I stuck with my plans to meet up with some friends for a movie night. There were several problems with this plan, obviously. First of all, a Mini Cooper is not a fan of a foot of snow. I found this out when I got to my friends' part of town and realized that they got a lot more snow and none of it had been cleared. The Mini and I continued. I had never been to their house, but I had my trusty GPS and some verbal instructions.

Only, all of the street signs and mailboxes were covered. And my GPS lost signal. I actually ended up making it to their street, but not wanting to be trapped, I headed home and spent my evening with French films and a delicious solo dinner.

Work was crazy this week. Welcome to life at an ad agency. The people that I work with are awesome and make it (I daresay) kind of fun. Example: my art director and I like to shoot guns. We talked guns, ranges, and what kinds we liked (we both like a good 9mm). She sleeps with a gun under her pillow. How's that for girl power? Then we talked Depeche Mode. Then we talked about how awesome her bracelet was.

My neighbors started the day out right (9 am) with a fight that ended with him leaning out the hallway window and screaming for her to come back. She came back a few hours later where an intense battle ensued. Apparently, he feels that if he pays rent, he can be as loud as he wants. His words, not mine, screamed at full volume mid-fight.

In other apartment news, I walked into my bathroom today and could smell the snow. Yes, that's how fantastic my windows are. I mentioned that I'm moving, right?

Suburban Ohio, you never cease to amaze.

Charlotte Gainsbourg, IRM (esp. IRM, Trick Pony, Heaven Can Wait)
Delphic, Acolyte (new group of Manchester get a ton of buzz - you'll understand why)
Broken Bells, Broken Bells (collaboration between Danger Mouse and The Shins)
Laura Veirs, July Flame (just check out all of Laura Veirs albums, though)

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Anonymous said...

you sleep with a 9mm under your pillow?

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