Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I have a new home. Or will, officially, on Saturday.

The new place is about twice as big as my current apartment, with a working fireplace and new windows. My current windows are so old that I've had to patch up the plastic a few times because it keeps getting blown in. Yep. Those days are almost over. Wood floors, tall ceilings, little cabinets everywhere.

Naturally, my nightmare neighbors are also moving out. Had I known that, I would have considered staying and just moving up (as in upstairs, not really up in the world because it would still be the same building). I thought about that, though, and I couldn't help but wonder how long it would take to get the smell of pot out of their walls. No thanks.

When I'm not as tired, and when I've had a better day, this will be terribly exciting. For now, I am stressed and about to hit the gym to fix that. A winter storm warning is trying to prevent this but I will win.

Let the countdown to home begin...

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Mj. said...

Geez I miss the beautiful OLD apartment possibilities of Ohio. Minus the equally old windows, of course. Everything out here was built in either 1986 or 2004, so we have so many options...
I hope your next place has fantastic insulation - against cold AND sound. And smells, too, I suppose.

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