Monday, March 8, 2010


It would figure that my first real day in my new place is due to a respectable bout of the flu. I started getting a sore throat yesterday afternoon and a couple of hours later I was curled up on my couch. Despite taking medicine last night, I was awake all night and when I woke up, my plaster walls were swirling. I kid you not: swirling. Like I said, it's respectable.

This is really my first day off of work and it feels strange. Most of the people I work with come in sick because there is so much work to be done. That's fine, but that's also why I'm sick right now - this seems to be making its rounds in my office. I figure that this is my body's way of getting back at me for last week, when I worked more than 40 hours before Thursday. My body was less than thrilled.

Pre-sickness, I had a great weekend. I spent time with friends and family, found one of the greatest hidden gems in town, did some shopping, and worked on the new place. I have introduced my mom to the wonders of IKEA, for better or worse. I finally saw the movie Whip It and briefly considered being a Roller Girl as my night gig. One look at the website convinced me that I could be broken in half and should probably stick to art classes or working with the elderly or something.

It's finally sunny and light is pouring in through all of my windows. My little plants are stretching and growing like crazy. They would be letting out little stretching groans if they could. If I'm going to be sick, at least I get a pretty day to admire from my couch.

Hope all is well out there. Enjoy the sunshine if you have it!


Liz said...

Feel better soon and I am glad you are all moved in. And thanks for reminding me that I still need to see WHIP IT!

Mj. said...

I love the visual of your little plants stretching for the sun. Hope you get better soon. And next time someone goes to work sick, follow them around with Lysol wipes until they get really irritated with you and go home. It allllmost actually works.

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