Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fun facts

Work done in one day > hours of sleep in two nights

Actual "meals" eaten this week: 1 (unless you want to count things like cereal and granola bars, and I don't)

Average bedtime: 1:15 am

Average wake-up time: 6:40 am

Average weather: it's trying to be sunny and warm

Average mood: Surly/loopy

I have been fighting this bug for: 5 days

I want to sleep for: 1 whole beautiful week


Mj. said...

Oh my gosh, you need a month long snoozing-on-the-beach-not-moving-unless-a-hurricane-hits vacation, STAT. Just to recover from life.

Surly is the new sweet. Rock that bad attitude with pride and eyeliner.

Doom For Darlings said...

MJ: "Surly is the new sweet" just became one of my all time favorite sayings. You are incredibly awesome.

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