Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's better if it glows

A week after being stricken and I am still battling the Never Ending Flu. I have thought I was better at least three times now, only to be back on the couch (or wishing I was) an hour later. It went from feverish, to head cold, to now a chest cold. I have consumed my weight in Ricola at least once by now.

Despite the NEF, it's been a decent week. I worked a ton, but I also saw two shows, made a new friend, and spent an entire day with my favorite people.

On Thursday, I saw Vetiver, who put on a great show. The band was adorable and talented - hard to beat that, really. The opening bands held their own, too, which I find to be strangely rare. One of the bands even had (are you ready?) a glowing banjo. I swear it sounded better.

On Friday I saw Horse Feathers. While they were incredibly talented, there was never a change of pace. Just when a song started to really build, it ended. I was, however, really impressed with the opening band Saintseneca. While their songs were short, they were also fantastic. If you get a chance to see them, you most definitely should.

After a busy week, I had the rare chance to spend time with two ladies that will always be sisters to me. It's nice to be around the people that know you and love you the most even after years, babies, jobs, marriages, tough times, and good times have changed everything else. Sometimes, you just need to be around those people to make sense of the changes.

Instead of losing an hour of sleep I came home and got twelve blissful, dead to the world, buried under piles of blankets, hours of sleep. For the record, I've never slept that much, ever. Oh sleep, how you've been missed.

Tomorrow starts another week. Hope you all have a great start!

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