Saturday, December 13, 2008

Another one just lost his shirt

Christmas is here, in all its mall going, christmas music, dancing on the tables, white lights glory.  My schedule includes six Christmas parties in one week, and today finds me still rocking my party hair and preparing for round four. The rundown thus far:

1: Department party: Me and twelve guys in a bar for a mandatory party (mandatory party?!). They made sex jokes and played shuffle board and I watched soccer highlights on TV. Ironically, we had the party at a place attached to my old office, so my amazing friends came over and rescued me. I ended up going back to my old office (at 5:31, on the dot) and now everyone is asking me if I am trying to get my old job back. None of them blame me if I am.

2: Family Christmas, Dad's side: If you want to see the ripple effects of a tragedy and the attempts to mend, visit this side of the family. Since an tragedy a few years ago, things have changed in every way possible. Still, we get together, exchange gifts with a little more simplicity, and attempt to have a normal family Christmas. Family is disfunctional enough, but through the events of the past few years I have seen the beauty of people forgiving, being graceful, and moving forward together. 

3: Company party, current job: A sweater/plaid/vest train wreck. Take the casually sexy lifestyle encouraged by my company, get Girl Talk to DJ, throw in free beer, and you have last night. My friend is probably the most anti-TrendyCompany person that I know, so it was really fun to see her reaction ("Looking around this room, my God, I haven't seen anything like this since high school. Are you serious!?"). Since all of the guys there were either gay or with a girl (or four girls, whatever) already, we danced freely with the knowledge that no one was actually watching. We had to dodge two fights, flying beer, flying bottles, flying shirts, and people riding other people. My aversion for my company has now reached a whole level.

So, tomorrow is number four, Thursday is five, and number six comes next weekend. Behind all of this, life continues to move at a steady pace. More on that later. For now, let's simply enjoy a lovely winter day.

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Pratt said...

if you would have left it at "i have 6 parties to go to in a week" you could have looked uber-popular.

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