Thursday, February 26, 2009

Coffee > Sleep

It is 11:20 in February and beside me, the window is open. It's warm, cloudy, and the only sounds are the occasional car on wet asphalt. I live for nights like these.

Yesterday was a blur. I was going on three hours of sleep the whole time, which was not really all that pleasant after my recent pattern of actually sleeping. I took a friend to the airport, went to yoga, ran some errands, worked, ran some more errands, worked some more. I was having two conversations (discussing live muzak while debating whether or not Adam and Eve went to heaven) when I realized that I was literally falling asleep at my desk. I assured both friends that this was not due to our conversations and managed to be asleep before 10:30. Ladies and gentleman, I think we have a new record.

Today was a little better. I finished up a project early on, ran errands, visited my friend's cats (she is in New York and they need socializin') (if you're reading this, Sebastian let me pet him, hissed, and then let me pet him some more! Progress!) and then I did something that I don't usually do and got a manicure and pedicure. I will just have to write a whole post about that, because it was really very interesting. People are amazing in both good and bad ways, and to have both types of people in one room at the same time really makes you aware of things you might have otherwise missed.

I got home and did another yoga lesson. Three people this time, and it was a really, really good class. Teaching is getting easier and the lessons are feeling more natural. The girls were so great and willing to just give it a try. Afterwards, they were excited and asking questions. The fact that these classes are in my living room seems to actually be a good thing because everyone is more relaxed and comfortable. There's a great feeling of bonding and trust, and I love it!

To balance out the yoga, I had ice cream (ahem, custard, excuse me) with a friend while we watched Pushing Daisies. I would say that is a pretty fantastic way to end the day. Tomorrow I am catching up with a friend and then watching Slumdog Millionaire. Word on the street is that it's a decent little movie. Have a great Friday!

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