Friday, February 20, 2009


I can hardly believe it's almost 11:30 already. This is good, because it means that my morning has been busy and productive. This is bad because the time has flown by!

I spent a lot of my day on the road yesterday. I don't know if you've ever driven the 100 mile stretch of I-71 S. to Cincinnati, but winter is not kind to this particular part of the world. I would go through spots of high winds and snow drifts, followed by high winds and sunshine. Lots of brown, lots of semi's blowing all over the place. I decided that it would be pretty interesting to design a truck and spent a lot of my trip redesigning the ones I saw. The music for the trip included Goldfrapp, Yo La Tengo, and a couple of mixes for good measure.

I stopped by Ikea to get a chair and walked out with $35 worth of stuff and no chair. That's how these things go, I suppose. I think I'm going to make a return trip and pick up a desk and chair. I'm thinking that my spare bedroom is about to become my office. My neighbor will like this because now he won't have to listen to my much.

I think I've mentioned it before, but unemployment, even if it is going well, has a three week cycle. Week one is bliss and freedom. You make pancakes for breakfast and stay in your pajamas all day. Week two is for getting busy. You clean your house, organize, file your financial stuff, and generally feel really productive. Week three, though. Week three is the tough week. You feel frazzled, restless, stressed, unsure of what to do. If you are lucky, you get a five week cycle, but I've only heard of one person pulling that off. So, this is my first week three and it just hit this morning. Blegh. I am thinking that I should avoid making major decisions today. (*side note* I'm wondering if all of life is on a three week cycle? Might be interesting to track...)

On that note, I am leaving this desk for a few and heading out to run errands and enjoy a little bit of the outdoors before we get hit with more snow. Stay warm!


Stephanie Lynn said...

yes, i've made the 71 stretch many, many times, as well as the 4 hour 75 stretch which is equally long and boring. we will be making the trip up to Cinci this weekend, IKEA sounds like a good stop to make while we're there.. hmmm... have a great weekend!

Dan S. said...

i as well have made that 71 stetch and hate it. actually of the major highways in ohio 71 is my least favorite. ones that beat 71:

... you get the idea.

let me know how ikea was. we have not yet gone but hear great things.

also let me know how the three week cycle theory goes. VERY interested in this one.

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