Monday, March 9, 2009

Get away

I am feeling amazingly well rested on this sunny Monday morning. I actually slept for eight hours (right through my alarm, which never happens!) last night, even thought I took a nap yesterday. I think my body is telling me that it will get the sleep it needs, one way or another.

Yesterday was a really good day. It started out a little rough (20 minutes late for church. Oops), but got better. It was warm and cloudy, with storms threatening to roll in. My curtains were blowing, and the air smelled like rain. I think I only like spring because of all of the rainy days.

I've been looking into vacation spots. I never imagined it would be so hard to pick out a place to go! I'm looking at places both here in the U.S. and overseas, and the prices are really about the same. I would like to note that there is a surprising lack of travel packages for single people. There are tons of weekend romance deals (your champagne will be waiting), girlfriend getaways (you get a basket of chick flicks in the room), and go play golf outings (didn't even read this one), but none for the single person who just wants to get away. It's fairly easy to plan a decent vacation using package travel tips and just making your own combo. I have a feeling that the planning might actually be better than any excursion.

On a final note, I read something this weekend that made me really happy. I'm not really going to talk about politics on here, because there are plenty of people already doing that. I'm not also not going to praise or bash Obama, because that's not really my thing. All that said, I read this weekend that he bought his daughters a swing set for the yard and that the girls "squealed with delight upon seeing it." If you think about it, it's just a swing, a slide, maybe some monkey bars. These girls have a bowling alley and movie theater in their house, and this was still exciting to them. Having grown up with a tree house, rope swing, and pool, I'm happy to hear that kids can still be kids and can still pull themselves away from screens and music now and then. Too bad we often fail at this as adults.

Enjoy your Monday!

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